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Hello! I’m Dr. René Ortega


My main goal is to provide exceptional results and personalized care to all my patients. I strive for natural-looking transformations and combine my expertise with a compassionate approach to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

With a wide range of procedures available, including breast surgery, female and male body procedures, facial procedures, and non-surgical treatments, I can offer tailored options to meet your individual needs.

My commitment to excellence drives me to help individuals, couples, families, and groups enhance their confidence and well-being. Start your transformative journey today by contacting me.

My Approach & Values

Personalized Care

I believe that each patient is unique, and so should be their care. My approach is deeply rooted in understanding the individual needs and desires of those who entrust me with their health and appearance. I take the time to listen, empathize, and tailor every treatment plan to align with the personal goals and lifestyles of my patients.

Excellence in Practice

Striving for excellence is not just an ideal but a practice. It means staying at the forefront of medical advancements, continuously refining surgical techniques, and paying meticulous attention to detail. I commit to delivering the highest quality of care and outcomes that are not just satisfactory, but truly exceptional.

Integrity & Honesty

Trust is the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship. I uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all interactions. You can expect transparent communication, realistic expectations, and professional discretion at all times.

Compassion & Understanding

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be a significant life event. I approach every case with compassion and understanding. It is my duty to provide a supportive environment where patients feel heard, respected, and cared for throughout their journey with us.

Innovation & Improvement

The pursuit of better methods and outcomes is relentless. I actively seek out innovative techniques and technologies that can enhance patient experiences and results. Improvement is a continuous process, driven by feedback, learning, and a commitment to excellence.























My Education and Experience


Embarking on my medical journey in 2011, I was privileged to be accepted into the most prestigious medical school in Mexico, the Military Medical School. This institution is renowned for its rigorous academic standards and its significant contribution to the medical field, recognized both nationally and internationally. The education and training I received there laid a solid foundation for my medical career, instilling in me the values of discipline, precision, and a deep commitment to patient care.

My clinical experience was further enriched through my internships at the Central Military Hospital, the Medical Specialties Unit, and the Military Hospital for Women’s Specialties and Neonatology. These placements exposed me to a wide range of medical challenges and solutions, honing my clinical skills and fostering a comprehensive understanding of patient care across different specialties.

Graduating in 2017 as an outstanding student, I continued my pursuit of excellence by entering the specialty of general surgery in 2019. This phase of my training deepened my knowledge and skills in surgery, preparing me for the next step in my career.

In 2020, my dedication to advancing my surgical expertise led me to compete for a highly sought-after residency in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Achieving first place in this competition was not only a personal milestone but also a testament to my commitment to the field of plastic surgery. Since then, I have performed hundreds of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, impacting the lives of my patients in both the public and private sectors.

My journey from a dedicated medical student to a skilled plastic surgeon has been driven by a passion for excellence, a commitment to patient care, and a continuous quest for knowledge and improvement. Each procedure I perform is guided by the principles I have upheld from the beginning of my career: precision, compassion, and a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Today, as I reflect on my experiences and the path I have taken, I am grateful for the opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to the well-being of my patients. My journey in medicine is a continuous journey of discovery, innovation, and service, and I am committed to advancing the field of plastic surgery through my work and advocacy.

I can offer tailored options to meet your individual needs.

Breast Surgery

Female Body Procedures

Male Body Procedures

Facial Procedures

Non-surgical Procedures

Our valued patients share their experiences with Dr. Ortega.


Transformations that speak for themselves.

«I am thrilled to share my journey of transformation after undergoing liposuction, liposculpture, abdominoplasty, and breast implant procedures with Dr. René Ortega, his expertise and dedication have given me the body I always dreamed of!! thank you very much from the heart!»

«After undergoing rhinoplasty with Dr. René Ortega the results are simply amazing!!  a nice and natural-looking nose that has given me a newfound happiness and confidence. Dr. Ortega’s expertise and meticulous approach truly shine through, and I am forever grateful»

«I underwent an abdominoplasty combined with liposuction and a gluteal lipotransfer, and I must say, the results have been absolutely life-changing. Before the procedure, I always felt self-conscious about my body shape, but now, I’m filled with a sense of confidence, Dr. Ortega simply did an amazing job, and I am so grateful.. I’m utterly in love with my new silhouette <3«

«I entered Dr. Ortega’s clinic for my breast implant surgery with a mix of excitement and nerves. Now, I’m simply in awe at the outcome… they didn’t just meet my hopes; they went above and beyond! The size and shape are perfect, and they feel incredible. Immense thanks to Dr. Ortega, I totally recommend him

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